Make celebrating your team tangible


Others love it!

"At Brightec we want to foster a culture of encouragement with our team. We had tried various online solutions, but it is only when we introduced the physical kudos board to our office and our weekly routine that everyone became engaged. Using it to express encouragement to each other has become a corner pin of our weekly working rhythm."
Andy Ferrett, MD, Brightec
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The kudos board

Think about what makes you happy. It is nearly always related to something you do well, whether it be a strong relationship with someone or a sport you excel at.

There’s a special delight in being told, or reminded, that you’re good at something by someone else. In turn, that warm fuzzy feeling extends to the person that recognised your triumph, that took the time to recognise the good in you. It’s a bonding experience.


  • Gives a method for highlighting individuals achievement.

  • Fosters a culture of encouragement within the team.

  • Brings fun to your office.


Here’s one we made earlier


brightec.co.uk have been using a kudos board for 3 years, see it in action in their video below.

They cement their culture over breakfast every Monday morning and celebrate each others achievements.

How the kudos board came to life

Joshua O'Riordan

As a service provider we always found it hard to celebrate our work.

We’ve always had a great culture that allows failure, but rarely could we openly celebrate what we had done. That was the privilege of our amazing clients, who got to show off our best work.

A few years ago we tried an online kudos board. But it had a lonely existence. We didn't neglect it completely, but it was hidden away on an HR system and our take up was lacking.

We realised a kudos board should encapsulate what matters most; how great our team are.

We’re a very visual office. We like to see what we’re doing. We like things to look good. We’re also a very sociable team, we enjoy chatting to each other. So we created a physical board as the focal point of our kitchen.

Now, when someone notices a team member has done something special, they can subtly move a kudos magnet on to that person. All week the rest of the team can see who has excelled themselves again.

On Monday mornings we praise that person over breakfast and we grow closer as a team each time.


Joshua O'Riordan, Creative Director, Brightec

Need some inspiration?

Below are some examples of kudos awards, have a look through and get some inspiration for your team.


Unfortunately, we are no longer offering to create kudos boards for organisations but if you would like to see how we use our board or find out more feel free to get in touch through the brightec website.